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With all of the possible challenges a family can go through, a parent facing a criminal charge can have perhaps the most profound effect on a family's integrity. That's because merely being charged with a crime can cause a parent to become incarcerated. Even a short period of incarceration may have negative consequences such as lost income or missed family events. In some cases, certain crimes can even cause a parent to lose custody of their child, either because of state law or because of a request made by the other parent.

Police are often quick to think there is something wrong at home when a parent is accused of a crime, and judges often make decisions based on what's in the child's best interest. To defend your right to a fair trial and as well as your right to see your children, you need a lawyer with experience in family law and criminal defense. In Carrollton, look no further than attorney Candace E. Rader.

Crimes That Can Affect Your Family

There are a number of criminal offenses in Georgia that can directly and indirectly affect you and your family, such as:

  • DUI charges: A DUI could cause you to lose your license, making it more difficult to go see your children during your scheduled visitation time.
  • Drug or substance abuse charges: A drug or substance abuse charge could cause you to lose custody of your child.
  • Child abuse or molestation charges: Even allegations of abuse or molestation can cause you to lose custody of your child and the right to visit with them without supervision.
  • Crimes involving young adults: Crimes like underage drinking, drug possession and sexual assault can force parents of college students to act on their child's behalf. This can create a unique challenge most families are ill-equipped to handle on their own.

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